touch tones

an experiment with heterodyning

i used my roland jd-800, a synthesizer i have owned for years, to near the best of its tone generating capacity... it has a 24-tone polyphony and a 5-part multi-timbral functionality, four tones stackable for each part. i doing the math, one will find that when pressing the same note on each part there can be a total of 20-tones. to execute this for live performance, i created a patch with max/msp to work with my akai mpd-16, which served the purpose of triggering the notes. starting with a single tone, i would then proceed to sound each note at will, fading in each tone individually after detuning higher or lower the previous one. i would do this until all tones sounded. the result of each succession would be a further blurred version of the originating timbre. this would all be done progressively deviating from the origin microtonally. during the original performance, at calarts' sounding out concert series in 2006, curated by aaron drake, i decided to improvise with this structure rhythmically, using the individual pads of the mpd-16 in real-time. i also chose to set the coarse tuning on one or two of the tones at a much lower pitch to give a more dynamic sonic experience with regard to the piece's overall frequency range.
©2007, 2008 lucas rodenbush