Rodenbush original productions have manifested over a period of more than 25 years, starting with the discovery of computer-driven electronic musical composition in 1991. His sound has undergone many iterations over the years and has developed throughout many different studio sessions and production settings, via solo work and collaborative projects. Since completing a 5-year intensive study of music at CalArts and walking away with an Experimental Sound Practices graduate degree in 2008, Rodenbush has gone on to establish the Scenic Music record label and has sights on his forthcoming experimental label Notch Audio. His most current work in the studio is informed by his musical sound approach to-date and fresh takes on new perspectives from the various influences acclimated by his daily study and ongoing life-experiences.

He's taken British influences and mixed 'em with American sounds.
— John Digweed, DJ/Producer

...some of the lushest, most ethereal house and techno you'll find anywhere.
— Dave Mothersole, MUZIK Magazine

...talented ... has accomplished a variety of quality work in several mediums.
— Barry Schrader, Composer of the deepest basslines I have ever heard!
— Matthew Bernsen, XLR8R

If you've never heard Rodenbush's music you need to do both your ears and your a** a favor...
— Luke Magnuson, XLR8R

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