lucas rodenbush is a professional electro-acoustician who has worked within the sound domain for over 20 years. rooted in synthesis and concréte methodologies, he is a scholar of sound science who has been mentored by important musical + technical minds of our time: pamela charlles arthur (mentee of pioneer allen strange), tom mays (ircam), mark grey (sjsu), miriam kolar (ccrma), mark trayle (calarts), sarah roberts (mills), barry schrader (calarts), bob clendenen (calarts), john baffa (calarts), alfred ladzekpo (columbia/calarts), randy gloss (hands on'semble), maestro swapan chaudhuri (aacm). his latest work at the california institute of the arts manifested an exploration of relationships between real-world instruments + sources and electric signal + data processes whilst developing a deeper appreciation for the many facets of the musical artform through live perfomances, musicianship study, conceptual realizations, and improvisation. he also spent a great amount of time working with north indian classical, south indian, african ewe, persian, indonesian, brazilian, latin and jazz musics + percussion, and played in a wide assortment of concerts, contributing to many of the ensembles found thoughout calarts. his continued work with the roy o. disney music hall and the walt disney modular theatre crews has employed his skills on over 150 events at the herb alpert school of music, placing him in a variety of live event production situations, including foh sound mixing + reinforcement, stage management, internet video broadcasting and audio documentation. he currently holds an mfa from the california institute of the arts in experimental sound practices, as well as a bfa (calarts) in music technology and an aa (de anza) in film+television. rodenbush continues to explore musical expression, data collection techniques and interactive multimedia applications via his studio + workbench in the los feliz district of los angeles, california.