Lucas Rodenbush is a professional musician, DJ and academic electro-acoustician who has been developing his craft for over 25 years. Rooted in musical sound composition and instrument play, with a keen understanding of theory, notation and sound science, Rodenbush implements synthesized, traditional and concréte methodologies in his writing as well as live instrumental and percussion performances for his approach to music realization. He has been mentored by important musical + technical minds of our time: Pamela Charlles Arthur (mentee of electro-acoustic music pioneer Allen Strange), Tom Mays (IRCAM), Mark Grey (SJSU), Miriam Kolar (CCRMA, Stanford), Mark Trayle (CalArts), Sarah Roberts (Mills), Barry Schrader (CalArts), Bob Clendenen (CalArts), John Baffa (CalArts), Alfred Ladzekpo (Columbia/CalArts), Randy Gloss (Hands On'semble), Maestro Swapan Chaudhuri (AACM).

In large part, Rodenbush's musical career has taken its most distinguishable shape throughout the international dance music community in his recording work of Dance music as E.B.E. Audio, E.B.E., Entity, Moonchild, under his full name and just his last name as found on Derrick May's Transmat record label. As a result, his signature sound of American House and Techno production has become a revered favorite among seasoned DJs and veteran music afficionados throughout the world. In fact, his original 12" pressings have even become rare + valuable collector's items to fetch high sale amounts in today's current vinyl trading market. This includes a body of work that spans more than 20 years and the endorsement of over 20 globally-respected record labels. Lucas Rodenbush's career in music officially began upon partnering with proprietors Brandon Yee and Harry Who? of the San Jose, California-based record store Solid Grooves in 1995, inaugurating vinyl publications with the same-named record label, changed to Solid Trax in 1997.

With his initial release of The Energy EP in the Summer of 1995, the Rodenbush sound met incredible reception the world over and has since led to an abundance of musical inclusions as licenses on continuously-mixed compilation titles by world-famous DJs, prominent record labels and important music influencers. In 2000, his Clockwork Orange track with Christian Smith on Deep Dish's Yoshi Toshi made it onto the silver screen by way of the Sundance-selected Sony Pictures Classics 35mm release of Groove alongside some of the quintessential producers of House and Techno music for that era, like Orbital, Octave One, E.T.I. & DJ Garth, and The Hardkiss Brothers.

In 2003, Rodenbush moved to Los Angeles and commenced an in-depth musical study at the California Institute of the Arts, spawning an exploration of relationships between real-world instruments + sources and electric signal + data processes whilst developing a deeper appreciation for the many facets of the musical artform through live perfomances, musicianship study, conceptual realizations, film music and performative improvisation. He also spent a great amount of time working with North Indian Classical, South Indian, African Ewe, Persian, Indonesian, Brazilian, Latin and Jazz musics + percussion, and played in a wide assortment of concerts as a hand percussionist, contributing to many of the drumming ensembles found about the CalArts campus.

To this date, Lucas Rodenbush has personally produced over 40 musical titles on vinyl and has been licensed to more than 50 compilations and continuous DJ mixes worldwide. He holds an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in Experimental Sound Practices, as well as a BFA (CalArts) in Music Technology and an AA from De Anza College in Film+Television. Rodenbush continues to explore the daily nature of musical composition and performance from his studio + workbench in North Hills, California.